The 全球最大赌博365网站 流动外科中心 (ASC) is a perfect option for patients who require minimally invasive procedures or outpatient surgical care. In the past, hospitals may have been the only viable setting for these procedures. But the 全球最大赌博365网站 ASC provides patients with an alternative venue–one specifically designed to make outpatient procedures safer, 更方便, 成本效益更高.

What is an 流动外科中心?

The 全球最大赌博365网站 流动外科中心 is located on the lower floor of our Yankton位置. With 2 operating rooms and 2 procedure rooms, we have 4 full time surgical technicians, 无菌处理部门, and 2 certified registered nurse anesthetists.

Each nurse in our ASC (流动外科中心) is certified in ACLS and PALS, as well as our entire staff being certified in BLS. ASCs continue to provide a environment that demonstrates a excellent safety record. Since 2015 the 全球最大赌博365网站 ASC has been accredited by AAAHC (the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care) to ensure our patients receive high quality care.

With our high-tech operating and treatment rooms, our ASC is fully equipped to perform a wide variety of minor surgical and minimally-invasive procedures.

The 全球最大赌博365网站 ASC is fully physician-owned. Generally, patients are referred to our ASC directly by their doctor. Patients will then undergo a screening process in order to ensure they’re a good fit for outpatient procedures at our ASC. These screenings ensure patient safety and help improve outcomes. The goal is to provide patients with an option for undergoing surgery as safely and conveniently as possible.

Procedures Performed at the 全球最大赌博365网站 ASC

  • 整形手术: 这包括膝关节镜检查, 腕管综合症, 尺神经移位, ganglion cyst/soft tissue mass excisions, 桡骨远端骨折, I&D的伤口和肩部手术.
  • 一般手术程序: 从疝气修复, 结肠镜检查, 食道、胃、十二指肠镜检查, 布拉沃程序, 腹腔镜胆囊切除术, 软组织肿块切除, 皮肤病变切除, port-a-cath配售, 还有几个人做了乳房肿瘤切除术.
  • 内窥镜检查: Including upper endoscopies and colonoscopies, which check the health of the intestines and digestive system.
  • 泌尿外科 程序: 比如前列腺活检, 膀胱镜检查用于膀胱活检, 尿道支架置换, and other procedures as determined by the physician.
  • 疼痛管理: A pain management physician is at our 流动外科中心 every week to do injections. These treatments help patients manage chronic pain.
  • 妇产医院: Tubal ligation and other procedures as determined by the physician.
  • ENT程序: ENT程序 can cover everything from tonsillectomy, 腺样体切除术, bilateral ventilation tubes to include replacement, 闭合性鼻缩径, 鼻窦手术, 鼻中隔成形术, wide local excision for ear/facial cancers, 和其他经批准的CMS手术.

New procedures and capabilities are often added, so patients with questions about treatments offered at the 全球最大赌博365网站 ASC should ask their physician directly.

Why Should I Choose the 全球最大赌博365网站 ASC?

In addition to several other benefits, 护理的连续性 between patients and their physician is exceptional and one of the highest rated factors by our patients. 这些优势包括:

  • Designed for outpatient care from the ground up: This means that your entire experience will be centered around your status as an outpatient. From intake to recovery, everything is designed to get patients home quickly and safely.
  • 节约成本: Because of the way that ASCs are organized, patients can enjoy significant cost savings over hospitals, 即使在投保之后.
  • 感染风险较低: Because ASCs rigorously screen patients and reschedule anyone who happens to be ill, there’s usually a modestly lower risk of secondary infection when you have your procedure performed at an ASC. The lower patient-to-physician ratio also helps in this regard.
  • 更高的护患比: More nurses–and specially trained Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists–mean you can receive more individualized and attentive care.
  • 优秀的评级:  Our verified patient rating from Rater8 is consistently a 4.8比4.9 rating out of a perfect 5 stars on Google, Rater8, Healthgrades, WebMD, and Vitals! We are very proud of our rating and work hard to maintain outstanding patient service.


Ask Your Physician if our ASC is Right for your Surgery!



An ambulatory surgical center will not be the right choice for every patient. Any procedures that require overnight supervision or inpatient treatment will be performed in a hospital setting. Your physician will be the one to recommend either the 全球最大赌博365网站 ASC or a hospital venue for your procedure.

If you have questions about our ambulatory surgical center, contact us or talk to your physician about whether the 全球最大赌博365网站 ASC might be an appropriate venue for your next outpatient procedure.


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